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 BF2142 2v2 "RULES"

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PostSubject: BF2142 2v2 "RULES"   Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:43 am


Do not camp the uncaps
Only maps: cerebre Landing(16), Camp gribraltar(16), Fall off berlin (16)
No veichles Such as ( Cars, walkers or APC)
No claymores or C4s (Only for recon (Sniper))
No Comander

count the tickets not the won rounds
only 100 tickets

the challange are for 1 week(7days) and the both squads have to an agreed time and server for the match to be played at.

If eny kind off cheat (breaking the rules above) you will have to screenshot and show a GS admin asap if it is approved you will win with a defult.

Visit the channel #teamdeltagaming on the matchday for imidiate comunication this is a must! GS admins will also be online on it!

GLHF affraid
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BF2142 2v2 "RULES"
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